Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Making My Dreams Come True

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I have been referring to my hubster as my Mr. Dream Come True in my posts, because he is. Maybe one day I will post about how we met and he stole my heart. But this post is how he is still making my dreams come true. He made my dream of marrying my best friend come true. He made my dream of becoming a mother come true. AND he made my dream of meeting Tim McGraw come true.

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Tim. I love his music, but what started the obsession was seeing him in concert! He puts on a fun show! I have seen the man 12 times in concert now. A bit ridiculous really. If you think about the cost of concert tickets, and the cost of t-shirts etc...that man has too much of my money. BUT the memories made with my sister, friends and hubby at his concerts are priceless for sure.

Tim's Southern Voice Tour came to our area 3 days after my birthday. I had already seen it back in February with my oldest son, my dad, sis, cousins, Aunt & Uncle in Roanoke VA. My cousin was turning 16 and she wanted to go to her first concert for her birthday, a Tim McGraw concert, with us. So we happily obliged! So I wasn't planning on going to the show in July in our area. I was hoping that we would get chosen to put on the VIP event at the concert and possibly meet him, but I wasn't buying tickets. See my husband's company sponsored his tour this year and was responsible for the food at the VIP event. The VIP event is a private set Tim does for about 50 of his fan club members, contest winners etc. We weren't "the chosen ones" so I had come to grips with not going and not meeting Tim McGraw.

THEN Mr. Dream Come True surprised me with tickets for my birthday. He set up the babysitters, he had everything taken care of. I can't begin to explain how HUGE that was. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mom's day, Valentine's Day, always has a tendency to be a let down. He works really hard, and typically doesn't take the time to do things like this. I have always told him I am happy with just a card, or an email, because that is when he takes the time to tell me how he feels about me, remind me why he loves me, he is a man of few words, so those cards mean more to me than anything...so this gift was so incredible for so many reasons!

How he got the tickets is a fun story too, but I am trying not to ramble. So, he got the tickets, 20th row, center stage! I have NEVER been that close ever. I was beside myself with excitement. Well, the surprise didn't end there. He took the time to make some phone calls, find out who was assigned to the VIP  event from his company and contacted that partner about getting us in. The partner was so gracious and got us two passes!

The VIP event was in a tent, no seats, just lots of food, and a stage. There was a rope that gave about a 5 foot cushion between the stage and the people. Thankfully we got there early enough, and because we knew the partner was able to go in the side entrance so we got in before anyone else and was able to get right on the rope(basically front row)! INCREDIBLE! Tim came out with half of his band The Dance Hall Doctors. They sang 3 songs, one of which was Don't Take the Girl. I have only ever heard him sing that live once, my very first concert. He doesn't sing it in concert anymore. I was thrilled. During his song Watch the Wind Blow By he made eye contact with me. I thought I was going to faint. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Tim took the time to sign autographs for the people "on the rope"! BOY am I glad we got there early enough to get that spot! When he signed my pass I took the chance to touch his shoulder and say

" I have seen you in concert 12 times"
Tim: "and you aren't sick of us yet"
Me: laughs nervously and says "uh no, I could never get sick of you"
He walked passed me again, still using my sharpie and I say
"you stole my pen" *retarded right?!*
Tim *crooked grin*

Sigh...I was so nervous! He did a short Q&A and had I not been so nervous I would have remembered we share the same birthday(funny huh?) I could have told him that and said Happy Birthday. But I was trying to contain myself and not act like a dumb star struck girl. Yes, I did feel like I could cry because I was so happy. I have always thought the people who cry when they meet celebrities were so stupid, I don't anymore...I was SOOOOOOOO happy, I could have burst into tears at any moment!

What made me even happier was watching my husband watch me. I would turn to look at him, or hit his arm, and would catch him just watching me, not even watching Tim. He had this smile on his face, and "the look". The " i love her so much look" my heart melted! That look still makes my heart flutter! He was so happy he was able to surprise me and make this dream of mine, this item on my bucket list, come true!

I told him he never had to get me another present EVER! There is no way he will ever be able to top this!

This picture shows how close we were to Tim. This picture makes me very happy.

I love my hubby!

We both love all types of music, but my husband is mainly a heavy metal guy! So, him going to a country music show was definitely a bit of a sacrifice. Over the years, because of my obsession, Tim has started to grow on him. So he doesn't hate him...he just isn't his first choice. When I took my son to the concert back in Feb. after the concert he told me "mom, I liked Tim McGraw just OK before, but now, after seeing him in concert, I LOVE him. A Tim McGraw concert changes you" So I teased my husband that after seeing this concert with me he would be changed. Guess what? He has my Southern Voice CD in his car right now. He has listened to it almost every day since the concert. He goes around singing Tim songs and one day he says

"I hate to admit it, but the concert did change me"

I am a VERY happy girl!


  1. I love Tim too. And your hubby sounds like a keeper.

  2. LOL, Kerry . . . "you stole my pen"? You never told me that part!!

    Also, Kerry is exagerating her love of Tim. It's waaay more of an obsession than she's letting on. It's worse than having Twi-fever.


  3. wow, what a great gift! I love tim mcgraw too. :)

  4. Can your husband call up my husband and give him some tips please? Amazing story!

  5. What a fun story! It sounds so fun!!

  6. What a cute story about a perfect gift from a very thoughtful hubby!


  7. what a great story...and great hubby too!

  8. I am so happy for you. I love it when our husbands give us that look. I totally get the crying thing, it just all hits at one time and you can't breathe because he's standing right there, looking right at you.

    I also wanted to thank you for commenting on my post. I love your blog and can really relate to our kids growing up and not knowing what we're going to do. I'm right there now.